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Kings Island

Kings Island, one of the country's leading amusement parks, was faced with flat attendance for three consecutive years.  Attendance age was  narrowing to 25 years and under, creating erosion of their broad consumer base and reducing revenue. Advertising efforts were focused pm the local market only and they lacked advertising presence in the outer markets of Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville.



• Developed strategy to extend reach and create awareness in the nearby regional markets.

• Created a fully integrated, travel marketing program consisting of radio, television, newspaper ads and direct mail targeting those outer markets.

• Pioneered a variety campaign to extend appeal to all ages.

• Began with a :60 tv, radio, and newspaper ads supported with informational packets.

• Introduced new ride tv each year to highlight new offerings and increase support for younger audience.


Exceeded attendance records all seven years of handling account.

• Set 4 new all time attendance records.

• Became most successful regional park in U.S.

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