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Murray Bikes

Murray bicycles, the second leading producer of kids' bikes in the U.S. after Huffy, faced a situation in which retailers demanded a new bike style every year. Murray didn't have the financial resources to fulfill that request. What they did possess was a new frame style, one they needed to promote, but which had to last more than one year.



• Decided to drop all references to Murray since Murray had no brand equity with the target audience, young boys ages 7-12.

• Named the bike Whiplash and imbued it with an aggressive, powerful image.

• Developed a TV campaign with a two year life span that built equity in frame style and created demand for the frame design.


• Whiplash became the #1 selling boy's bike in America that year.

• Outsold Huffy's "Doctor Shock" 2 to 1 in the first year.

• #1 selling boys 20" bike in the U.S. two years in a row.

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