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Jeni Lee Cosmetics

Purity was the attribute we decided best represented Jeni Lee Cosmetics.  We developed a complete brand identity: logotype, package design, retail store design, advertising and collateral all emphasized purity.  The logotype was clean, simple and adaptable. The package design lent a visual purity to more than 200 products.



• The highly competitive, trend-driven cosmetics category presented unique problems. To separate the Jeni Lee line from its competitors, we focused on the product's purity.

• We developed a complete brand identity--logotype, package design, retail store design and advertising--which emphasized this attribute.

• The logotype was clean, simple, and adaptable.

• The package design featured new materials that lent a visual purity to more than 200 products.

• A "truth" brand positioning was created to publicize Jeni Lee's "blowing the whistle" on the cosmetic industry's less-than-truthful attitude about makeup's shelf life.

• An introductory advertising campaign touting "Truth in Makeup" alerted consumers to the dangers of expired makeup while informing them of Jeni Lee's unique product difference: the only makeup on the market with an expiration date.

• The campaign broke in the New York Times, InStyle, New York, and Hamptons magazines.


• Launched with overwhelming success exclusively at Henri Bendel on 5th Avenue in New York.

• Generated extensive PR in both consumer and trade publications.

• Opened her independent flagship store in downtown Cincinnati's Tower Place.

• Inked an exclusive with Nordstrom's for stores nationwide.

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