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German candy manufacturer, Storck, makers of Werther's Original, wanted to increase sales. Industry experts repeatedly cited Werther's older demographic (adults, 55+) as the reason for its steadily declining sales in the overwhelmingly youth-dominated candy category. Storck, a conservative company conscious of its image and respectful of its audience, wanted to regain share but without succumbing to "youth" messaging--the category's declared formula for success.



• The product's older audience presented unique challenges...and opportunities. Up to this point the only marketing of Werther's was an infrequently run TV spot featuring a grandfather and grandson.

• Flouting the conventional wisdom the category held sacrosanct (i.e., youth = sales), created Werther's Original Grandfather of the Year Grand Photo Contest, a strategic, fully-integrated promotion and ad campaign.


• Consciously and actively embraced and celebrated age, tradition, and family. Made them defining themes--hallmarks of the product--and the focus of an against-the-grain consumer message with strong appeal to the target audience.


• Appealed to entire family, tying directly to existing TV spot, tapping into and extending its equity, but in a fun, engaging way.


• Contest tactic, unlike sweepstakes, required purchase to participate.


• Sales of Werther's Original increased dramatically.

• Broadened Werther's customer base, effectively reaching entire families.

• Further strengthened and reinforced Werther's appeal with core customer, older adults.

• Photo contest created industry "buzz" generating interest on consumer and retail levels.

• Grandfather of the Year became centerpiece of Storck's marketing calendar.

• Campaign ran annually in subsequent years meeting increasingly higher sales goals.

• Garnered favorable press and PR in both candy and advertising communities.

• Named AOR for Mambos and Riesen brands, a direct result of campaign's success.

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