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The National Basketball Association wanted to launch two new lines of licensed clothing, one for toddlers and one for kids. Up to this point, the NBA had licensed only merchandise. They wanted a significant "buzz" generated about the rollout with consumers and retailers alike.



• Having previously created the name Inside Stuff for the popular NBA Saturday morning television show starring Ahmad Rashad, we decided to tap into the show's popularity and further solidify the "stuff" name in the process.

• Created the names NBA Little Stuff for the toddler line and NBA Stuff for the children's line.

• Used NBA Kids spokesman Kevin Johnson--a big hit with kids and moms--as spokesman for the new lines. Featured Kevin in a series of print campaigns and collateral pieces showcasing the new stuff. Generated colorful, edgy, point-of-purchase materials: posters, counter cards, danglers, window banners, and take-ones.

• Added both apparel lines to the official NBA merchandise catalog. Motivated retailers to display in-store materials and "push" lines by giving free NBA premiums as incentives.



• Most successful launch of NBA licensed apparel to date.

• Helped establish lucrative new revenue source for NBA.

• Both lines still popular and expanding.

• Permanently changed retailer relationship with NBA, making them "partners" rather than purveyors.

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